Niels Feijen

Lost Records, Brockwild, Chronovision

Niels Feijen was born in Belgium in 1991.

Being brought up in a family with a musical background he started his own music career at the early age of 14. At a certain point he had to choose between sports and music and made a very wise decision to follow his true passion.

One of the biggest gigs at this early period of time was his residency at Hed Kandi Belgium where he was playing at several Hed Kandi parties at some famous Belgian venues.

Another special experience for a 16 year old Niels was his gig at La Plage in Ibiza. A whole new world opened up to him and stayed in his heart forever.

In the summer of 2009 he had the honor to play at that moment up-and-coming Belgium’s festival Tomorrowland, that nowadays doesn’t need any more introduction. Later on he returned to play his gig at Tomorrowland not once but six times.

After having proved his talent during these years international bookings started to come his way. To sum up a few: the Netherlands (Breda, Bergen op Zoom, Rotterdam etc), Germany (Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Aachen)

He participated at different contests, including Kunstbende NL, where he won 3d place while competing next to De Sluwe Vos.

Approximately 4 years ago Antwerp nightlife unfolded by the wide introduction of deephouse en techhouse music which Niels immediately experienced by getting proposals to play at all the different belgian’s hot spots such as Café d’Anvers, Fuse, Club Vaag, Bloody Louis, Labirynth Club and others. At that time he finally started to discover and invent his own sound, he got a unique opportunity to express it by founding couple of his own projects as HMEWRK together with Dj Licious and Flapjackers which he’s been doing for 4 years now and of course Tell No One and UNDER with his girlfriend LYA. He’d also got his weekly UNDER radio show on Radio FG Belgium.

He affected a lot of young people who were discovering their way in house scene by listening to his music.

2016 has been the most successful and important year in his career so far.

He’s been getting requests from all the corners of Belgian’s and Dutch house and techno party scene. Also it’s been a summer of breakthrough, loaded with festivals such as Extrema Outdoor, Ploegendienst, The Day Before Tomorrow, Sunrise Festival, AFTRSUN Festival, FLoorfiller Festival, Dystopia Festival etc and couple of gigs in Ibiza’s Blue Marlin, Mambo, Destino and Ibiza Sonica Radio(Pioneer DJ Radio).