Ode Maen

Sensum Digital, Phobos Records, Blackwall Records

He started exploring and digging into an unknown musical world as a juvenile. He brings an organic minimal techno vibe with the main purpose of movement and energy. He always builds up his sound with a skeleton of drums and loves to explore all the “out of this world” syntheses. As dj set up he delivers the highest industry standard with more LIVE aspects as everything is build around a 4 deck Traktor Main Mix + Analog FX Routings and a Hybrid (Ableton integrated) set up.
All this perfomered on the infamous 6 decks Model 1 wich essentially puts all his audio material together.

Ode Maen is always looking to reinvent his distinctive signature sound known for sharing the stage with artists like: Dubfire, Shaded, Matador, Gaiser, Chris Liebing, Marc Houle, Joran Van Pol, Charlotte De Witte

On stages like: Tomorrowland (BE), Lost Theory (CR), Extrema outdoor (BE), Voltage (BE), Cirque Magique (BE), Fuse (BE), Kompass (BE),and many more..

A constant urge to deliver the highest quality in his musical spectrum to his crowd and himself makes him a visionary who is living up to a professional music carreer.

“Without movement there’s no life”